A feature length film directed by Chel White

Written by Laura McGie and Chel White

Starring: Thomas Stroppel, Tom Berenger, Ted Rooney, David Bodin, Allen Nause, Paul Glazier, Nathan Dunkin, Gretchen Corbett, Ryan Findley, Alexander MacKenzie, Erin McGarry, Kacie Thomas, Katy Beckemeyer, Betty Moyer, Robert Blanche, Elijah Nelson, and Storm Large

Logline: A young man's life is at stake as he struggles to escape a radical militia and its ideology of social justice.

Short synopsis: Bucksville is a story of a young man who puts his life on the line to escape from a radical militia in which he was formerly a member.

More an anti-vigilante than a vigilante film, Bucksville is a genre-bending drama/thriller whose timely topics of ethics and the militia movement resonate with universal relevancy. It is also a film about love, family, and the loss of innocence.